A year ago (2015 Jan 6), I created this Tumblr as a repository…

A year ago
(2015 Jan 6), I created this Tumblr as a repository of things I like,
just for personal use. Then at some point, I fell in love with Michael
Hoffman and started posting his photos, GIFs, and videos. Overnight, I
started to get a lot of followers. And as they say, the rest is history.
To celebrate this Tumblr’s first year, I want to remind the nearly
20,000 followers of what the most popular posts with original contents
have been this past year. It’s always fascinating what captures people’s
fancy. Click on the links below to check them out.

#1 Nick and Justin, the swolemates from Pittsburgh, who became instant Instagram sensations with their “twin boyfriends” photos

#2 Reddit user Adubs84 and his big dick

#3 Hot bearded fitness trainer Justin Charles Reed and his nudes

#4 The nude leaks of RPDR’s Pearl

#5 Reddit user Babyfabling and his big Aussie dick

#6 Matthew Camp’s sexy Instagram posts from last summer

#7 Jaxon’s sexy muscles and dick pics

#8 Joe Putignano’s meaty bulge and big ass

#9 A hot straight military boy’s dick pics

#10 Hot Brazilian model Erasmo Viana’s nude leaks

As bonus, check out two relatively new posts that are just too sexy not to push.and get more reblogs

Reddit user Bruhsky

Gay porn actor Buck Richards and his 9-inch dick

Thanks for your continued support of this blog! And if you can, please give this blog a rating as one of the Best Male Blogs around.

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