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  • Make a free account and get verified by the Pornhub admins
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  • Get paid a part of the ad revenue made from the vid
  • We pay out by check or paxum every month


  • A verified Pornhub Account
  • Two pieces of valid Government issued ID
  • A video camera or webcam or rad cellphone camera
  • Open to every country and payment is in USD / €


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What is the Amateur Program?

The Amateur Program allows people to upload their amateur videos and earn money. Amateurs get a percentage of the ad revenue from their video uploads.

What do I need to join?

You need two pieces of government ID. One of the pieces of ID must be a photo ID. All models appearing in the videos must also upload two pieces of ID once the main applicant has signed up.

How much money will I make?

It all depends on how popular your video is. It takes time to build a following of subscribers but great videos will make hundreds and possibly thousands of dollars. As long as your video is active and making ad impressions, you will continue to make earnings from it.

How do I get my video featured?

Our system automatically features videos with good ratings, above average views, favorites, comments as well as video quality among many other factors. It is always beneficial to build up your community presence and subscribers so when you release a new video it has a higher chance to get featured. If a video is not featured right away it may still become featured several weeks, months or even years later. Don’t wait for videos to be featured to upload another one. You are not penalized by having many videos waiting to be featured. Videos can still make hundreds of dollars without being featured by appearing in searches, category listings, playlists etc.

How often do we get paid?

We pay out by the end of the month for the earnings of the prior month. You must have over 100$ of pending earnings to get paid out. If you are under $100, the earnings will carry over to the next month.

How are the earnings calculated?

The earnings on each video are a percentage of the ad revenue that video receives. The more popular the video the more it will earn in ad revenue.

Do I need IDs of every person in the video?

Absolutely. You can upload more IDs in the amateur settings page. If you do not have the proper IDs uploaded then your earnings for that video will be withheld.

Do I need to own the rights to the video?

Yes. You must own the rights to the video you are uploading to be eligible for earnings. Pornhub will then have the non-exclusive license to this content.


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