menbeingbeautiful: …and then Cort met Aiden.  Aiden was gentle,…


…and then Cort met Aiden. Aiden was
gentle, good-natured, and fun to be around. And he was sexy. For
the first time, Cort allowed himself to be attracted to another man,
to fall in love, even.

Cort never saw Aiden’s big cock until
the two got naked together under the bright Corbin Fisher studio lights. It was
big–bigger than any cock Cort had ever seen in person. He had no
idea how he would manage to take that cock inside him, but he
trusted his friend.

Cort had expected the pain, yes. And
the pleasure. And he felt both of those in equal measure. What he
hadn’t expected was the sensation of fullness. No, not fullness:

With Aiden’s cock inside him, he could think of
nothing else. Hell, he couldn’t even think.

All he knew, with every
fiber of his being, was that he was being fucked. Fucked completely.
Fucked by Aiden.

And nothing else mattered.

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